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How To Make Typographic Jewelry

How to make typographic jewelry

Quotes are very much in vogue. Not just in E-books and presentations, but also on websites and especially on Social Media. What I find remarkable when people use quotes, is that they seem to forget that they are NOT setting…

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A Greeting From The Future

A greeting from the future

Welcome to the first post from YOUR BRAND VISION. Things are very busy and exciting just now, and there are a lot of marketing elements that need to have new “clothes”. Now I get to taste my own medicine, the…

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Hannes Idea Is Soon History

Hannes Idea is soon history

On this day two years ago I brought home a cocker spaniel puppy from Stockholm. Her name was decided on long time in advance; she was to be called Brandy. Some people were shaking their heads resignedly, asking: "Are you…

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Branded Images For Social Media.

Branded images for social media.

Images are very popular on social media, and get more likes and shares than text updates. They are useful and fun to make. Images can contain quotes, tips & tricks from your industry, snapshots from your office, workshop or meeting…

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