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Virtual Virtually Everywhere.

Virtual virtually everywhere.

I have just returned home after having traveled in Norway for almost a week, where I have done many nice and useful things both professionally and privately. To be on the road like this, really makes the benefits of working…

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Many Hats – VIDEO

Many hats – VIDEO

As solo-preneurs we have to do many different jobs in our businesses ourselves. We work on the production of what the business sells, it being either products or services. We work "in the office" on administration, book-keeping, and daily operations.…

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It is undoubtedly fall, at least at my latitude and many of you are certainly using your cameras actively, to capture beautiful colors and great experiences. This blog post will also concern itself  with photography, but of quite a different…

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Give Me A Break – Video

Give Me a Break – Video

In todays video we are going to talk about breaks. I am sure you know the importance of taking breaks. They are important to your workflow. I will talk about line-breaks. They are important to your WORD FLOW. How you…

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How To Use Space – VIDEO

How to use Space – VIDEO

Welcome to the second video in this series that I have called “5MIN VISUAL CLASSES”. These are short, informal instructional videos where I want to share some useful tips and information about the visual side of your marketing. I observe…

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Images And Words – VIDEO

Images and words – VIDEO

I am excited to present the first in a series of short instructional videos on matters concerning graphic design and visual branding. These will not be (much more than) 5 minutes in lenght, so you will have time to consume…

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