About Hanne

Hanne Brøter is a Norwegian graphic designer, strategic brand manager, and interaction designer. Originally, she trained and worked as a classical flutist and flute teacher. However, she decided to professionalize her other big field of interest in life: graphic design.

After working many years as an in-house graphic designer for a Norwegian media company, she started her own business, Your Brand Vision, in 2013. Her sweet spot is the intersection between graphic design and branding.

Hanne creates visual identities, including all kinds of visual touchpoints, for entrepreneurs and businesses. She leverages her extensive in-house experience which has given her an instinctive ability to identify very closely with her clients, and calls herself a virtual in-house graphic designer

Hanne has a great educational calling and passion for teaching business owners about the great importance of a consistent and professional visual branding. She considers herself a graphic coach as much as a graphic designer.

Working with entrepreneurs on their visual branding, Hanne has made some important observations. She has seen how entrepreneurs fail to take advantage of Visual Branding’s external effects to connect with their ideal customer while at the same time being unaware of the internal effect of Visual Branding on their own mindset.

This is why her book, which is available on Amazon, came into being.
Brand Boxes™: Your 9-Step Process to Creating a Visually Compelling Brand

Hanne lives in Norway with her co-creator,
a cocker spaniel who is appropriately called “Brandy.”

She sees clients in her office and also virtually using Zoom.

With an obvious dedication to brand building, Hanne takes great pride in delivering results with high quality and gives you the possibility to succeed.