​Earlier this fall, I created a very short promo-video for myself. I had the opportunity to promote my business in a particular online forum. In hindsight, I am even happier that I made the video than I was at the time. The video tells a very short and compact story of what I do in my business and can be used in many contexts. I can send the YouTube link to people who are curious about what I do, among them many are uncertain what “visual branding” actually IS. The video works like an animated business card that SHOWS people what I do, rather than explaining it in too many words. Click on the image below or here to see my video.

As you can see, the technology is simple. The “live” introduction is filmed with my own mac and a video camera in the economy class. It is not important nor intended that this film should look like polished TV. That would not have corresponded well with the personality of my business. The animated part is created with a software called “Screen Flow” and the illustrations in the video are of course my own, created in Adobe Softwares: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.

Does your concept need explaining in a visual way? People get increasingly bad at reading text on the internet and prefer video if they are in need of explanations. Images say more than words. If the images “move” as well, people will not move away from them as easily.

If you need a short and compact animated video-presentation for your excellent business or offer, I am happy to help! It is a very good exercise for all of us to try to boil down the essence of what we are doing, to something that can be shown in 2-3 minutes. I would love to do this exercise for your business –together with you. Let’s have a virtual coffee date and see where we can start. Contact me!