rejuvenate your brand

So you won’t have to hire a graphic designer.

Have you ever been in a coaching program for entrepreneurs? I have. Some are very expensive and last for months and years, while some are more reasonable and shorter.
All of them follow nearly the same curriculum. We learn how to define and attract our potential ideal clients and communicate with them to create love and trust, so the next time they need a service like ours, they will choose US over someone else. In other words, it is about marketing. We learn what our websites should communicate, about content on social media, newsletters, and printed collateral like product sheets, speaker one-sheets, warm letters and you name it.

Sooner or later this statement emerges from the coach/guru: ….and then we will show you how you can create all these things yourself, “So you won’t have to hire a graphic designer.” Templates are being handed out and we get recommendations to DIY-apps which will “make everyone a graphic designer”.

What seems to be forgotten is that Graphic Design is an expertise on the same level as other professions. I assume you will not go ahead and practice on your own as a dentist, maybe not even as a hairdresser? The consequences of doing some free-style execution within professional areas like these are obvious. When the hands-on expertise is lacking due to non-existent training, the result can be totally counterproductive, even fatal.

Nevertheless, on a list of things that we can “easily do ourselves”, graphic design still seems to come out near the top:

Graphic Design
Lawn mowing
House Cleaning
Dental treatment.

We outsource everything from lawn mowing to dental treatments. Some services are outsourced as a matter of course because we realize we don’t have the qualifications to do them. Some services are outsourced because we realize that our hours are more worth doing work that can be invoiced, and because we see that an expert will do the work better and faster than we can; even if it is something that we “could have managed” to do ourselves – in a manner.

Still, many entrepreneurs go on to use a lot of time executing “graphic design.” They are onto it in Canva, Powerpoint, or another app for hours producing visual expressions that may earn ovations from parents, spouses, or friends, but which contain graphic errors that gag the communication or lead to misinterpretations. Some graphic love from a professional would have wedged out things like that.

I am passionate about the importance of good looks for businesses.
I remember the first time a client came back to me bragging about how she felt she literally grew taller and more confident using the visuals I had created for her. That’s when I decided I wanted to help more entrepreneurs have that same feeling of visual confidence. I support entrepreneurs to confidently attract more ideal clients with the power of consistent visual branding and professional graphic design.

I can help in two ways:
1. A useful package of hours will release you from tasks that are honestly not in your brilliance. Leave the graphic design to me, and you will have a team member who identifies strongly with your business and brand and is responsible for their looks. Packages can be customized to your needs. Let’s have a chat.

2. If you want to do your graphic design yourself you can learn HOW in the Broter School of Design. You are very welcome!

Important disclaimer: Not all coaches disregard the knowledge of graphic design. I once gave a guest lecture in the Celestial University on invitation from the dean, Jill Celeste. I had a blast, and the students found it very useful.