Podcast, me?

Basic Graphic Design

As readers of this publication will know, I love speaking about graphic design and visual branding. This is what I do when I endlessly write blog posts, newsletters, or posts on LinkedIn. Or when I have a chance to give a talk in real life, which is fortunately possible again after Covid, or on Zoom, filling people’s ears about the importance of visual branding and correct graphic design. I know I am more than averagely eager and I usually say that you can put a coin on me and I will speak about my passion continuously for three weeks. Well.

When I speak or write about my favorite topics, I am however always extremely grateful that I can use “visual aids”. Blog posts, newsletters, and LinkedIn posts can be illustrated. I can use images, visual explanations, and “before and after”-comparisons, to mention some possibilities. We know that visual content, like images and videos, finds its way to people’s comprehension faster than only texts. We also know that visual content is remembered better and longer.

Consequently, when I get questions about visual branding and graphic design, it is only a matter of seconds before I reach for a pen and pad to be able to explain myself visually. I often start my newsletters about graphic design, Graphic Notes, by creating the illustrations first, before I write the text. If I am to do a presentation, I use time and thoughts to find the exact illustrations that will let the audience have an “aha moment”. In my opinion, illustrations should bring the audience to a new level of understanding. It is very exciting to try to achieve this.

It is ALSO exciting (and perhaps even a bit scary) to attempt to talk about my favorite topics without the aid of so much as a pencil. This happened recently when my friend from Virtual Networkers, Suzanne Tregenza Moore, invited me to be a guest on her podcast “All Things Authorpreneur”.

Suzanne helps authors with launching and marketing their books. In Our conversation, we started by talking about my book BRAND BOXES. How did it go? Certainly, there was a good deal of “air-drawing” and gesticulating on my part, which luckily cannot be seen, because the Podcast is audio only.

You can listen to the result yourself. Episode #016 with yours truly will be available on https://allthingsauthorpreneur.com/ Thursday, October 6 at 7 am ET. If you visit earlier, take the opportunity to listen to all the other great episodes that Suzanne has issued since she started “All Things Authorpreneur”, only a short while ago. Recommended!

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