Last week I stood upright for two entire days in the studio of VIDEOCATION.NO and recorded 30 videos on the fly. If you’d asked me three months ago if I thought I would ever do such a thing, my answer would have been: “Not for a long while”.

Please observe that my answer was not: “NO, NEVER”. I have always had a wish to record some type of video course. That it should be a course where I am so much on camera and that it should be just NOW, I had not believed. Until I had to.

I think this is a great example of what one can achieve when held accountable. I have written earlier about how accountability can make you do things because someone else is part of the process. When you want something “just for yourself”, things that you do for other people tend to sneak in and get priority, anyhow.

Just over a month ago, I agreed with VIDEOCATION.NO what dates the recordings were to take place. They went into my calendar. Before that, I had to write the manuscripts and create the illustrations for the video lessons. And it all went (almost) as planned. The recordings were done according to plan.

VIDEOCATION.NO is a Norwegian company that makes video courses for businesses. My course is aimed at marketing people in small and medium enterprises. The main goal of the course is to teach people how to SEE. I wish to show the participants the difference between right and wrong in graphic design, to enhance the visual communication of their businesses. The goal is not to make everyone a graphic designer, but to teach some of the fundamental basics of Graphic Design and Visual Branding to those who want to leverage these tools to build and enhance their brands.

I have some experience with creating my own videos at home. Some of you may remember my “5 Minute Visual Classes”. I don’t die in front of a camera any longer. However, I always feel a great tension when pushing the “record”-button and starting to speak. The awareness of the fact that you can always do another take, makes one extremely self-critical. A small pause or stumble and you forget what you were about to say and must start again.


This is why it is such a relief to spend the day with a good producer. Marianne Bjørnbakk is a producer (and a whole lot of other things) with She manages to make you feel at home and as if creating cartloads of video recordings is what you normally do. And if you are suspicious that some minor error destroyed the take, YOU are not the one to decide on that! If she says it is good, – then it is good!

My course, which unfortunately is in Norwegian only, will be available in a short time.

My goal is to make an English version in the near future.