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Highlander Press

Visual Branding Process and Website
for Highlander Press, a a hybrid, boutique
publishing house by Deborah Kevin.


for Christiane Barho,
Spanish Leadership Coach
located in Germany

Celestial University

Visual Branding Process and Website
for Celestial University by Jill Celeste.
Marketing & Spiritual training for women.

Edgar Valdmanis

is a Norwegian expert in networking and visibility and writes and lectures on this topic nationwide....


for Svartaas Landbrukstjenester, the enterprise of my landlords sons. Inspired by tractor tracks...

Social Media Images

for a Swedish provider of courses on LinkedIn, in the form of testimonials with photos of happy course-clients....

Visual Branding

for ”Bevisste Valg” (translates to English as Conscious Choices) by Norwegian recruiter and Career coach Tove Fjellvang Lie...

Your Business in Heels!

The Swedish lecturer and author Anna Dyhre always wear her green heels on stage, and in 2013 we added one into her logo as well....