We are surrounded by unusual times, but this will not be another epistle that drowns itself in the negativity of our situation but looks to the positive sides of it. They are there.

If you look around on social media, you are likely to detect a remarkable trend. It’s about how a lot of people have hurled themselves around and figured out how they can offer their services virtually. They are in all kinds of niches; teachers, trainers, coaches, personal trainers, culture workers and a lot of others. It is impressive and fun to see the ingenuity.

I have also observed that providers of platforms and tools for digital delivery have lowered their prices or offer free use for special groups, like in the educational sector. In other words, I see a huge positive focus on digital delivery, with zero risks of infection. It will be exciting to see how this trend will develop during the crisis and not at least; when we transcend to the other side. (for now)

I already work from home and almost only virtually and have written earlier about the benefits of this regarding distances. Now there is also the non-infectious benefit.

I am also very happy and grateful to be part of several organizations that deliver digitally within the educational sector. For one, it is the virtual course company VIDEOCATION, which offers recorded video courses for businesses. The courses comprise short video modules which must be ideal for people who have more time on their hands these days. I also work with course-production and marketing of web-based courses for “Mesterutdanningen”, a Norwegian educational institution for the training of craftsmen. Last but not least I teach graphic design and Adobe Softwares on a freelance basis with IGM (Institute for Graphic Media) in Oslo. Usually, these courses are IRL, in classrooms. Last week, however, we hurled around on short notice and I got to teach Photoshop while broadcasting directly on Facebook Live. No students in the classroom! Very exciting and a great success. Next time will be even better.

Teaching is certainly a field that is especially well suited to digital delivery. However, only fantasy and bandwidth can set the limits for what will be possible. Have you thought about how you can leverage the digital openings for your present or future products? Maybe YOU are the person who will come up with THE digital offer that will go VIRAL? (which, by the way, means to spread at the speed of a virus) I would love to hear about your ideas.

Practice social distancing and take care!

Much Love