The Norwegian entrepreneur Tove Fjellvang Lie runs a recruitment and career coaching business called ”Bevisste Valg” (translates to English as Conscious Choices). Her main focus is to
”get competence in the right place,” which may mean different things to different people.
There is a Norwegian proverb that says, ”hang your coat on the right peg.” This means that you are in the right place at the right time for you, no matter where the peg is located.
When designing her branding, Tove and I discussed this proverb and her company’s mission.
We decided to use the image of a peg in her logo. The visual is a simple vector drawing of a very common type of peg used for hanging clothes, found in workplaces, schools, and homes
throughout Norway —quite recognizable and unique as a symbol in her niche. Tove reports that’s she’s as delighted with her branding today as when we created it in 2015.