On my new webpage, which went live a few weeks ago, I have 3 different Branding Packages for entrepreneurs in different phases of their business.

The first Package is called “JUST STARTING OUT”. This package is for you if you’re just starting out in your business and need foundational elements for your brand.

Aren’t there more important things to think about in this phase than to acquire fancy stuff such as a logo, colors, images, and fonts? Why can’t we just do something ourselves, after all, there are lots of apps and tools around, for such things? 

To work with a professional visual brand strategist & graphic designer in the important foundational phase of your business is not about fancy dress-up and looking like everybody else. During the process of creating a logo and a visual identity, we focus closely on your visions and values, to be able to “extract” an authentic verbal essence which is translated into a visual language. This is very exciting and creates a feeling of ownership that gives identity and momentum. 

We also look into the future. It is important to avoid painting yourself into a corner, literally speaking. Things will change and scale. Just look at Facebook, who recently had to add a brand level above the old identity, because what we think of as Facebook has become only one among many services from FACEBOOK, a house of brands. 

Entrepreneurs are nothing if not creative and inventive. They start one thing, go on with something else and partner up with a third person, and suddenly the identity-crisis is a fact, and the branding looks like patchwork. People have come to me in a mild state of schizophrenia, and it is time-consuming and expensive to tidy up in reverse. Having a visual brand strategist on hand from the start helps to avoid pitfalls and establish a visual identity that is scalable. 

If you know some serious start-ups who see the importance of having firm visual ground under their feet before exploring the world, I think they would be grateful if you referred them to me. And so would I, of course.

If you haven’t already, check out the “QUOTE-POSTS” on my blog. Quote Posts are thoughts and reflections that come to me when making quote images for social media. You can find them here.