Having a new website is a bit like having your house cleaned out, redecorated and refurbished. I am proud of our two new technical installations:

We have a new scheduling app that is more intuitive to use than the old one, and looks much better! Additionally, we have the option for my clients overseas to pay by credit card.

I am happy to be able to offer to you a collection of branding packages to suit your needs, if you are just starting out, want to up-level your business or need a total makeover. I will present these options to you in detail later.

I am also very pleased to have a special author package in place and the On-Going-Support package, which is for you if you have decided you will no longer do things outside your area of brilliance, but instead, leave the ongoing design and branding work to an expert. Getting to this point is certainly a mark of passing a big threshold in your business, freeing up billable time and energy for your core mission.


I am proud to present the WORK section where some recent and not so recent assignments are presented; this section will grow. I am looking forward to populating this section with new work and work from the past that I am particularly happy about.

When you move into a newly refurbished house, you are no longer fearful that someone may come by and peep in. I am now hoping for many guests.

There will always be flaws. Some of them I have already seen and will be taken care of. For this launch, I have decided to ask my Perfection Paralysis to take a hike, together with my inner critic. If you feel like you need to point my attention to something erroneous on my new web page, please lovingly do so, as I have lovingly prepared this opening for you for months in order to serve you better.

My mission is helping heart-centered entrepreneurs with their challenges regarding graphic design and visual branding. I know you are passionate about your work and have a strong WHY. I know your work is of immense value to those you help. And so I always ask:
Does the look of your business reflect the value you bring to your clients?

I would love to help you!
All the best,