Quote Posts are thoughts and reflections that come to me when making quote images for social media. There is always a reason why a quote resonates with me, and I decided I wanted to share my observations with you. Many quotes are about design, but some are not, even if applicable to design and designers as well. Would love to hear what you think.

David Carson: Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.

This quote comes across to me as quite ironic. We don’t believe rock and roll will save the world, and equally less we believe that graphic design will do it. Ha-ha, sort of.

When I am in a dark corner, observing all the garbage that businesses surround themselves with, calling it graphic design, off- and online, I think that “The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived”. I feel that it is of no use to carry on creating and teaching good graphic design as part of change-making entrepreneurship.

Of what importance what so ever, can it be to give our change-making businesses authentic attractive attires? I don’t get much further than that before I have to correct myself. OF COURSE, I know that it may be of significant importance.

Graphic Design is in and of itself pretty neutral. It does not part with anyone against anyone. Graphic Design is a structural method used to make messages easier to read and understand.
Every sort of message.

A microphone will amplify the voice of a dictator as well at it will amplify the voice of a woman fighting for women’s rights. The microphone does not have an opinion. But doubtlessly, the voice amplified by a microphone carries longer and can be heard by more people, than the voice without.

Graphic Design works like a microphone. If you are a passion-driven entrepreneur with an important message to the world, you should use good graphic design.

It has taken many years and much technical know-how to build today’s microphones. In the same way, it has taken many, in fact, hundreds of years to accumulate the knowledge about perception and readability that a graphic designer possesses.

Would you try to enter a stage with a homemade microphone? NO.

A homemade microphone would not amplify your voice sufficiently and maybe even result in unwanted acoustic phenomena, you know the squeaking and crackling sounds?

The corresponding graphic versions of this is visual noise, unsuited typography, colors that clash, and text and images fighting for attention.

Homemade Graphic Design prevents the message to be amplified and come across as clear, authentic and professional.

If you are a lightworker, a passionate entrepreneur, or a change-maker with an important message to share, please use a professional “microphone.” Use a graphic designer that can help you shape up your message in a clear, authentic and professional manner, that will carry your voice visually all the way to the people you want to help.