Have you experienced this lately?

Marketing collateral

You have had a good meeting with a new contact, maybe a future client and the two of you agree on staying in touch. When you ask “do you have a card?”, the person starts a frantic search through pockets and bags, just to “discover” that there are no more cards, anywhere. Maybe there haven’t been any for months. Covid effectively put a stop to in-person meetings and networking, and we did not need any business cards. Maybe we used the rest of the stock, but we didn’t bother to order new ones.

Now, when the world has opened again and offers the possibilities for in-person meetings, you have a really good opportunity to refresh your business card. Use this opportunity to create a card that you will long to bring with you.

The Business Card, small as it is, can be an eminent ambassador for you and your business. Make a card that represents you, your business’s value, and unique personality in the best way possible. Creative use of images, illustrations, and typography will help you create a card that people will notice. A card people will look at more than once. Here are a couple of cards that I have co-created with their owners.

Business Card for author Kathleen Vallejos. The front Page features herself holding her book “Good Night Farm” open to her favorite spread of the book. The rear side holding image of the book cover and her contact info. The small card (3.5 x 2”) does a pretty good job of conveying her authentic brand message, sending out lots of good vibes. If this triggers your curiosity, you can use her website address to learn more. Notice that the front and rear sides of a card can have different orientations.

Business Card for life & business coach Regina Kleinhenz. The front Page features a mega-version of her logo icon. This is not done randomly. Her icon is, in fact, designed so as to function as a visual explanation of her methodology. Very useful to have at hand if she meets someone who is curious about how she works. She can show the model and explain it at the same time. The graphic explanation will be remembered. Rounded corners suit this card well as it corresponds with the circles in the icon.

Summer is great for planning. Let me help you create a business card this summer that you will long to bring with you to in-person meetings and networking this fall. Use the button below to book a free discovery call where we can look at how I can help you create YOUR special business card.