Graphic Design is like a microphone

Design Management, Education

These days one can almost be a bit embarrassed to share something on Social Media that is NOT about Ukraina. People paste the Ukrainian flag on the profile images and statements of support, and seriously heavy memes about war hover over media like a black fog.

It is very easy to understand that when people feel powerless and cannot really do anything, they do what they can, even if it doesn’t help very much. I have always shied away from participation in any activity which is about showing who is the best public griever. That is why I don’t have a Ukrainian flag on my profiles. This DOES NOT mean that I don’t empathize or feel shocked, in despair, and scared, but I see it as obvious that anyone who hasn’t totally lost their marbles also feels like that, flag or no flag. But I did make this:

It can feel difficult trying to get another type of message through these days. OMG, you’re probably thinking; can this crazy designer woman not keep her mouth shut about her colors and fonts for just a second and try to do something that can contribute to world peace? 

And my answer is: NO, she cannot. And neither should any other graphic designer.

Graphic Design is like a microphone. It amplifies whichever message it serves. So many important messages need to be amplified, to get louder; Messages from people whose work counteracts the attitudes that bring “leaders” like Putin to power.

I don’t naively think graphic design alone can stop the current situation, but when leveraged by the good forces, it can make them stronger, louder, and more visible. I am at your disposal.