A process tailored for you

Branding and re-branding

I bet you have heard the expression “Curse of knowledge.” That is when we think that what we know is common knowledge, so we fail to make ourselves clearly understood. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and try to look at your knowledge from a distance. Then do the exercise of putting what you know into words that has meaning to those you are trying to help. I will make an attempt:

I work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and coaches to co-create their visual branding with them. In extremely short this means that we’ll come up with a logo, a color palette, a font, and often an image style. These things will make up the visual representation of their business’ unique personality, values, and vision. In plain English: We find the “look” of their businesses. 

In co-creating with clients on their visual branding, I base my work on the method described in the book, BRAND BOXES, which is included in all my branding packages. I don’t expect you to run out to buy my book, so I will give you the super-short version.

The steps in the teal row are exclusively non-visual work. It is about the story of your business, its core brand message, and your business’s unique personality, values, and vision. 

The steps in the purple row are about translating your story into a visual language. This is where we create the logo and find the colors, fonts, and image style. 

The steps in the pink row are about painting your world. Implementing the visual language on your visual touchpoints of choice. What the heck are those?
A visual touchpoint is where your brand makes a visible appearance, it can be everything from a business card to a website.

What is the value of all this?

• Recognition, your business will speak with the same visual voice everywhere and will be recognized.

• Looking professional, having your touchpoints crafted with correct graphic design will make your business look as good as you know it is.

• Confidence, nothing beats the feeling of certainty that comes from being appropriately dressed. Confidence builds courage and action. 

Why do I say this is a process tailored for you? Because it is all about a co-creational process where the outcome is uniquely yours. It will not, and is not meant, to fit anyone else.