To put your brand into someone else’s hands is scary. As an entrepreneur, my business is my little “baby” and every detail is personal to the highest degree. It is very easy to become “home-blind” when looking at your own visual touch points, and it is difficult to keep the necessary distance to see your material as it is perceived by others. When deciding to acquire a new logo and graphic profile we needed help from someone who could look at our business from the outside with fresh eyes.

We were happy that Hanne came into our lives. She has drilled down through our business and put her heart and soul into getting to know it, to know me, and my visions. She presented to us,  not one, but several different suggestions for a logo and included a comprehensive presentation of the idea behind every suggested design.

I can see that Hanne’s work enhances what my coworkers and I are trying to explain in words. An image says more than a thousand words and through her design Hanne up-levels our brand, my coworkers, and myself. Her work makes us even more professional, more targeted, and we stand tall with pride.


CEO & Founder of SkanPers, Stockholm, Sweden

Having a professional like Hanne design my book cover and other book materials was one of the most important decisions I made. A book cover can make or break whether people are drawn to buy and read a book.

Also, I wanted to provide input throughout the process, and Hanne worked with my ideas. Hanne’s creativity, design talent and attention to detail made this part of the book process a joy.

Kate Varness

Bestselling author of ”Who Am I Now? Realign Your Home and Life"

We’ve have worked with Hanne for many years via an ongoing support package.

Hostmanship Norway and Denmark are both enterprises that require a great number of different materials for presentations, teaching, and for marketing. We have used our hours in the Support Package for a great variety of things.

We consider Hanne as our internal branding and communication expertise and brain-storming partner. She also communicates with external producers and printers on our behalf. We highly value having a “virtual graphic designer” on the team who are familiar with our visual branding and takes care that it is reflected across all our visual touchpoints. Hanne does this in a professional manner and with in-depth knowledge of our values, visions and goals. I warmly recommend having a Support Package with Hanne, you will greatly appreciate you virtual team-mate.

Märit Torkelson

Hostmanship Norway & Denmark

I was introduced to Hanne when I started my own recruitment and career coach business. Hanne has assisted me with hand and heart through the process of finding a name, a logo, and visual branding for my company. A consistent visual identity was our goal and now my business is a visible reality!

It is a true pleasure to get to work with someone who has so much knowledge in her field.  Hanne is competent, honest, keeps deadlines, gives feedback and tells you when something is not up to your standard, inspires, gives good advice, and teaches you everything she knows.  Last but not least, she has a great passion for her work.  The combination of expertise, passion, and punctuality is unbeatable.


Recruiter and Career Coach of "Bevisste Valg" (Deliberate Choices)

Before I started working with Hanne, my corporate identity was non-existent and my website real estate was a mess across the board. I was looking at a history of different projects, products and programs with different names, logos and colors. I was feeling frustrated and to be honest, quite schizophrenic as far as my presentation to the outside world was concerned.

Working with Hanne helped me to turn this problem around. Right at the beginning she interviewed me in depth to really recognize who I am and what I stand for. She analyzed my varying online properties and helped me to understand what language my design was speaking to potential clients as opposed to the image and message I was aiming for. These were worlds apart … and Hanne brought them together masterfully.

Now my branding speaks one very client attractive language across all channels, from print to online. I feel like the look I am putting out there is fully in alignment with the quality of my work. I am constantly getting praise from colleagues and potential clients who tell me that they find my online presence and my marketing materials professional and beautiful. I am proud to put myself out there, no matter if I am writing an invoice that Hanne designed or if I am sending my gorgeous monthly e-newsletter that she developed visually.

If you are considering working with Hanne, I highly recommend her. Especially if you are looking for someone who meets you at eye level and sees you a valuable member of the design team. She takes your input seriously and always strives for a result that matches your values and your preferences, while at the same time gently guiding you to make intelligent design choices. And she will help you to also keep your end consumer in mind.

Shailia Stephens

The Virtual Coach