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Hanne Brøter

I am a Norwegian graphic designer, strategic brand manager and an interaction designer, living in Sweden. For many years I worked in-house with graphic design in a Norwegian media company and have a lot of experience with the visual branding of an organization with a great number of visual touchpoints, which should at all times be «on brand».

I was originally trained as a musician and have spent many years of my life practising my flute for hours on end.

Everything you learn as a musician is perfectly useful when migrating to graphic design. The two fields are, for me, in fact just two sides of the same coin, and very often when struggling with challenges in the graphic design field, I have sent grateful thoughts to my old flute-professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Ørnulf Gulbransen. What he taught me about balance, contrast, harmony, tension, rhythm, movement and counter movement in music – is immediately transferable to graphic design, without further «translation».

My path has branched out from graphic design to branding,
reputation management and designing visual identities.

I have become a missionary for graphic design
and visual branding, who loves helping people visualize their visions,
their future brands, right now…

This was said about me when I had my professional
reputation analysed in 2011, and I think it is not less true now:

With an obvious dedication to brand building, Hanne takes great pride
in delivering results with high quality and gives you the possibility to succeed.

• The Norwegian Academy of Music 1976 – 1982
• School of Graphic Design in Oslo 1997 – 1999
• Strategic Brand Management at IHM Business School in Gothenburg 2010/2011
• Basic Reputation Management at Reputation Institute 2012 (web based)
• UX-design at IGM OSLO/Høgskolen in Gjøvik 2012-2013

I worked in the Norwegian newspaper Budstikka Media 1999 – 2012,
as an in-house graphic designer responsible for
the overall visual branding of the Media House.

Running my own business in Sweden since 2013,
I have continued working with visual branding and have great passion for teaching entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial business owners about the importance of a consistent and professional visual branding.

I take advantage of my extensive in-house experience
which has given me an instinctive ability to identify very closely with my clients,
and call myself a virtual in-house graphic designer
helping clients with their visual branding and graphic design challenges

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If you want to work with me,
please book a free introductory call here,
so we may get to know each other
and get clear on your goals.  

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